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Cat protection across borders

Our association is committed to animal protection not only locally, but also internationally. Due to the proximity to the border, mainly in Austria and Spain. In cooperation with other animal protection organizations in Austria and Spain, such as the organization LASA and the organization

Compañeros de Vida Sevilla, we are effectively committed to drawing attention to the grievances abroad. The sole aim of these partnerships is not to bring animals to us in large quantities, but rather to raise awareness of animal welfare issues and bring about a lasting change in the way the population thinks. We support local animal protection, and they in turn organize education, for example in schools and clubs. They carry out neutering programs for cats in various locations and are also committed to rehoming cats within the respective country.

By supporting animals from abroad, we show that animal protection knows no borders. This not only promotes solidarity, but also helps address global grievances. Each rescued animal tells its own story and becomes an ambassador for change.

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