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The story about "June"

June is originally from Spain and is a true life artist; she has struggled and survived on the streets for several years. Nobody cared about her. One day, people became aware of her as she screamed and searched for her kittens, then she was caught and taken to a killing center. She spent a few months here until she was rescued by the animal protection organization Ayandena. Although safe, she was so shy that it was difficult to find a home for her. June waited several years. In the summer of 2023 she was finally able to travel to Bavaria. It was close because she only weighed two and a half kilos and had very bad blood values. To everyone's surprise, the vet found a bullet on her neck and had it surgically removed. But June is a fighter and wanted to live! Today her health has largely stabilized and she has found her forever home. The once shy cat has become a cuddly cat and a connoisseur! She is fantastic!

Poor cat “Fridolin”

Fridolin the cat experienced an extremely sad story. He found his home in a beautiful property with outdoor access. Unfortunately, someone threw a prepared piece of meat over the fence, which he ate and then severely abused him. . With the last of his strength he dragged himself home through the cat flap, only to collapse there. He was immediately taken to a veterinary clinic and underwent emergency surgery. Due to the serious injuries, Fridolin had to struggle with numerous wound healing problems, especially in the stomach and jaw area. During his three-week stay in the clinic, he was found to have low white blood cells and was given many blood transfusions. Despite all efforts, his condition did not improve and the clinic wanted to put him down. When his owner refused, his cat was sent home to die. We didn't want to give him up! Our vet continued to treat him, she saw the will in his eyes. With patience and careful wound care, she managed to heal the wounds. Due to his jaw injury, Fridolin had to eat special food. His owner's loving care and short trips to the garden to sunbathe helped him actually recover at home. recovered. Today Fridolin is healthy again, but he has become very cautious and no longer dares to go into the garden alone. We are very happy that he survived and is completely healthy again and enjoying his life! Unfortunately, the animal abuser has not yet been identified.

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