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Adopting a cat or tomcat



Very good! You have already made the right decision because you are looking for the possibility of adopting a cat from animal welfare. The advantages can be clearly listed on one hand.

Adopting a cat or tomcat is not only an enrichment for the animal's life, but also for the human life. By choosing to give a furry friend a home, you open your heart to unconditional love and feline joy. Cats are not only adorable, but also loyal companions. Adoption makes it possible to give a lonely animal a second chance and build a close bond. The joy a cat brings into a home is priceless. From playful escapades to heartwarming purring sessions, cats offer endless sources of happiness. In addition, adoption helps reduce the problem of overpopulation in animal shelters and saves these wonderful animals from being killed and makes an active contribution to animal welfare.


Health-promoting effect

Studies have shown that the company of a cat can reduce stress, improve heart health and even reduce the risk of depression.

Adopting a cat teaches responsibility and selflessness. You take responsibility for a living being that depends on care and learn important skills such as patience, empathy and compassion.

Overall, adopting a cat is a win-win situation for both the adopter and the animal. A decision that not only changes the life of an animal, but also enriches and makes your own life more complete. Anyone who gives a cat a home experiences unconditional love and an immeasurable gratitude that touches the heart every day.


To discuss the exact process, please contact us by email to clarify your individual questions. Your future cat will usually arrive neutered (depending on age), chipped, vaccinated and healthy and will be handed over to you. Afterwards she can arrive in peace and explore her new home.

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