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What we do

Regional cat protection & castration

Unfortunately, homeless cats have no political lobby and are often overlooked. Especially in rural areas, cats are often not neutered today, so their number is growing rapidly and leading to a local increase in density. The result: diseases and infections are increasing sharply. This means considerable pain and suffering for the animals.

This is where we start. Helping and educating people on how to deal with strays and farm cats is very important to us. In collaboration with our veterinarian, we carry out castration campaigns for farm cats. If possible, we try to find a home for them. We return older, shy cats to their usual environment because they cannot cope in a home environment. We look for long-term prospects for these animals and work with them so that they get used to people. For example, the animals are cared for via feeding stations and gradually get used to people. If you are interested, you can find out how you can support us with food donations or sponsorships here .

From stray to lucky cat

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